Ranger ARB BAR

ARB Front Protection

Offroad and regional driving can increase the risk of damage to your vehicle. Our high quality ARB protection bars can help protect your vehicle from these dangers and provide a great mounting point for lights, winches, aerials and other equipment.

ARB Side Protection

Driving over rocks and through scrub can damage your vehicle. Albany 4WD offers a range of ARB side protection that can help protect your vehicle.

ARB Under Body Protection

Having your vehicle immobilised due to an obstacle damaging your vehicles critical under body components can not only be inconvenient, it can be down right dangerous. Our selection of ARB under vehicle protection plates are built to take the punishment of off-road use so your vehicle doesn't have to.

ARB Rear Protection

ARB rear protection bars are custom designed to suit your vehicle. These bars are great for getting to your gear stowed on your roof rack and some are available with useful features like hi-lift points, wheel and fuel can holders.