Vehicle Recovery Equipment

ARB Recovery Equipment

Good quality recovery gear is absolutely essential when traveling in remote areas or off-road in general. At Albany 4WD we stock a large range of recovery equipment from ARB that is rigorously tested  so you know that it works.

ARB Recovery Straps

A rated ARB recovery strap is one of the most essential pieces of equipment when heading off-road.


If you are travelling off-road alone or like to push your vehicle to its limits, a good quality winch is essential.

Recovery Points

Most hooks and points that come with your 4x4 vehicle are not designed for the stress of vehicle recovery, ARB rated recovery points are tested thoroughly to insure your safety.

Hi-Lift Jacks

Severely bogged or wedged vehicles can often be recovered with a hi-lift jack, one of the most under rated pieces of recovery equipment available.

Recovery Essentials

Rated shackles, recovery damper sand gloves are essential for a safe vehicle recovery


Probably the quickest way to recover your vehicle from one of Albany's sandy beaches is with MAXTRAX. Great for self recovery and an essential item when going off-road. UV resistant and light weight.

Bushranger X Trax II

X TRAX are a more compact solution in a quick release bag. Made from a heavy duty rubber compound and galvanised steel cable, great for sand and mud recovery.