ECU's and Performance

Need more power? Increased torque? Better fuel consumption? Then a performance ECU designed to maximise vehicle performance and efficiency may be the answer.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we stock the Safari ARMAX range of ECU’s from ARB.

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ARMAX Performance

Safari has developed its new range of ARMAX products with vehicle performance and efficiency at the forefront. There are two main products in the ARMAX range: Snorkels and ECU’s.

The ARMAX Snorkel is designed to provide increased airflow to the vehicle airbox and the ARMAX ECU has been developed to improve on vehicle performance, with a simple plug and play set up.


Safari’s ARMAX ECU is designed to work harmoniously with your vehicles OE Engine Control Unit, resulting in more power, more torque, better throttle response, less fuel consumption and less turbo lag.

The ARMAX ECU is one of the very few aftermarket diesel 4×4 tuning products to provide calibration of the turbocharger’s air delivery (boost) as a standard element of the ECU’s function. This is extremely important as it is the only method of ensuring that the correct Air/Fuel ratio is maintained.

Designed in Australia and calibrated for Australian vehicles and conditions, the ARMAX ECU delivers a strong yet very smooth power enhancement, so that when the driver demands more power the ECU delivers more power.

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