Under Vehicle Protection

When you head off-road the potential for fun is high - actually, it’s always fun. The potential for your vehicle to sustain damage, minor or otherwise, isn't quite as high but you still have to safeguard against it. And this is where under vehicle protection comes into play. The sole purpose of fitting underbody protection is to protect your fragile radiator, sump, gearbox and transfer case from damage when off road. This can be in the form of sticks and rocks being flicked up while driving along or physical impacts from logs or big rocks that touch underneath. This protection comes in many forms - engine and gearbox skid plates, bash plates, sump guards, diff covers – but it’s all aimed at shielding your 4x4's underbody from damage.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have access to a range of under body protection from ARB.

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ARB Under Vehicle Protection

Vehicle specific ARB under vehicle protection sets include a range of protection panels which are directly bolted onto the chassis to provide protection from the bull bar (if fitted) to the transfer case, providing an unrivalled safeguard for your vehicle.

Whilst most 4x4s come with some underbody protection from the factory and is sufficient for protecting your vehicle from stone damage, a more robust solution is required to provide protection from rocks, stumps and ruts encountered in more challenging terrain.

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