Camping Products

We stock a range of camping and touring products and accessories to make your camping experience that much more enjoyable. From portable fridge freezers to help keep the drinks cold and camping chairs for those moments when it's time to relax, to lighting solutions that'll brighten your camp long after the sun has set – we've got you covered.

Speak to one of the team to discuss your particular requirements, so that when you next head out, you won’t find yourself stranded with the wrong gear.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have a range of camping and touring products and accessories from ARB.

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Camping and Touring Accessories from ARB

To complete your 4x4 setup, ARB have a wide range of camping essentials and touring gear available.

Getting off the beaten track and visiting parts less travelled is a key attraction when 4WDing. And while 'roughing it' certainly has some appeal, there are times when a little comfort can make all the difference.

If you plan on staying out for a few days then ARB also have a range of tents, swags and awnings to suit every journey, and are complemented by a range of optional accessories to make your overnight camping adventure an enjoyable one.

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