Dual Battery and Solar Systems

If you're heading off-road for a 4x4 camping trip, or a lap of the country, then you'll need auxiliary power. A dual battery system, two separate batteries working in conjunction with each other but for different purposes, will ensure your vehicle has enough power to start and your 12V camping accessories, such as fridges and lighting, have consistent power.

There are a few ways a second (or third) battery can be fitted to the vehicle, depending on how you plan to use it and the flexibility required. Regardless, the second battery must be installed and wired – in the engine bay, the passenger compartment or load area – so that it can be isolated and doesn't flatten your vehicle’s starter battery.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have access to the full range of battery management and solar systems from ARB and Redarc.

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Battery and Power Systems from ARB

From auxiliary battery systems to provide peace of mind and allow you to power additional accessories, such as fridges and camp lights, without the risk of flattening the main battery, to chargers and batteries, ARB has something to suit your needs.

Whether it’s for your next weekend away or a setup for a long trip, ARB have a wide range of batteries, trays and battery solutions that will keep you going.

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Redarc Battery Management Systems, chargers and accessories

Redarc is an Australian manufacturer based in South Australia that develops industry leading products to fulfil the individual requirements of consumers. We stock a selection of Redarc battery management products, chargers, solar systems and accessories which our team happy are assist you in finding the right solution for your vehicle and auxiliary battery needs.

Redarc also provide a range of electric trailer brake controllers.

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