Auxiliary Fuel Filters & Catch Cans

With engine replacements in a modern 4WD potentially running into the thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, protecting your engine should be high on your list of modifications.

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At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have a range of auxiliary fuel filter kits and catch can kits from Diesel Care.

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Auxiliary Fuel Filters from Dieselcare

Your next tank of diesel could be lurking with Water, Microbial growth (bugs) or tiny particles that the factory filter never picks up - They can all destroy your fuel injection system! DON’T RISK IT, GET EXTRA PROTECTION TO SAVE IT.

Modern diesel engines are equipped with advanced high pressure electronically controlled injection systems which can be easily damaged and the biggest enemy of this equipment is poor quality fuel, or more frequently contaminated fuel.

Whether it be water, microbial growth (bugs) or particle matter that gets into jerry cans or service stations in remote places the cost of repairing damage caused by contamination in your fuel can be huge. A Common rail diesel engine rebuild alone can cost over $15,000. So prevention is better than cure.

One way to provide the best protection to your engine is to install an additional fuel filter and water separator. All common-rail systems only have one factory filter, so installing the additional filter included in a Diesel Care Fuel Filter Bracket Kit™ is an absolute must. The full range of D.I.Y. Kits are available to suit a wide range of diesel vehicles have been designed to give you piece of mind and save your pocket. Find Out More

Catch Cans from Dieselcare

Protect your diesel engine from reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, and expensive repairs by preventing soot deposit build-up in the engine’s air intake manifold.

Oil mist entering your air intake from the crankcase ventilation system combined with exhaust gases from exhaust gas recirculation causes soot deposit build-up in modern diesel engines. Over time this vastly affects the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. A simple solution is to install a catch can. Diesel Care™ Provent® Catch Can Kits will make the job easy.

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