Recovery Equipment

There's nothing worse than coming across a someone bogged to the floorboards in their 4WD, with zero recovery gear on board. It's embarrassing for them, and you have to supply the recovery gear. Before you take your 4WD off the bitumen, you should have the appropriate recovery gear such as snatch straps, shackles, recovery boards, and a shovel on board to recover your 4x4 from whatever situation you may find yourself in.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have access to the full range of recovery equipment from ARB, Bushranger 4x4, MAXTRAX, TRED4x4 and Hi-Lift.

ARB Recovery Equipment

Don't get caught out with substandard recovery gear. If you find yourself stuck in knee deep mud or bogged on the beach with an incoming tide, the reliability, performance and durability of your recovery gear is critical.

ARB manufacturer a large range of recovery equipment - from high-quality snatch straps and jacks to complete recovery kits and carry bags for your gear.

Bushranger Recovery Equipment

Bushranger® Recovery Kits, snatch straps, snatch blocks, bow shackles, hand winches and recovery accessories give you peace of mind.

Bushranger® Snatch straps are purpose-designed to stretch under intense loads from a moving recovery vehicle. Kinetic energy combined with the elastic properties of the recovery strap work together to pull a disabled vehicle and assist in recovery.

MAXTRAX Recovery Equipment

MAXTRAX is the lightweight, easy-to-use vehicle recovery and extraction device that's easily carried by almost anything with four-wheels ensuring an easy way out if your vehicle becomes stuck.

MAXTRAX takes the drama out of getting stuck. The aggressive large cleats on MAXTRAX sink their teeth into the tyre tread and the terrain under your 4WD vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into mud, snow, or sand and make vehicle recovery quick and easy.

TRED - Explore with confidence

TRED is the ultimate all-in-one off road recovery device, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, ATV and equipment out of trouble when traction is lost in sand, mud, sludge, slime or snow.

Engineered and manufactured in Australia from only the highest quality materials, TRED's are designed to handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact. Intense reviews of every fine detail in the design process make TRED 4x4 the best choice for your recovery. With a designated shovel feature, extreme hex grip nodules, aggressive ramp entry teeth and ultimate wear resistant properties, TRED 4x4 will allow you to explore with confidence, without letting traction disrupt your journey.

Hi-Lift Jacks and Recovery Equipment

With over 100 years of quality, the Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping. Although light in weight and easy to maneuver, the Hi-Lift Jack offers a rated capacity of 4,660 lbs (2114 kg) and a tested capacity of 7,000 lbs (3175 kg).

Only Hi-Lift Jacks are made with a two-piece handle and socket design that is built for extended life. Cheaper imitations use a one-piece design that bends easily if lateral pressure is applied while lifting a load.

Our jacks are designed to help you survive in the most demanding situations – whether you are in the Simpson desert, the Victorian High Country, Cape York, or the beaches of Western Australia. With a full-range of specially designed accessories, the Hi-Lift jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading/farm/auto recovery equipment you can buy.

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