Replacement Seats

Factory seat worn out? Can't get comfortable? Feeling every rock and corrugation? Struggle to walk after a long day behind the wheel? The human body was not designed to sit down for extended periods, and that is why ergonomics and comfort are paramount.

Speak to one of the team to discuss whether a replacement seat may help to bring you some comfort.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have a range of replacement seats from Recaro.

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Recaro Seats from ARB

Any 4WDer with an affinity for comfort, quality and style will recognise Recaro as the flagship brand of aftermarket seats. They are intelligently designed to keep you supported, relaxed and fatigue free even after a long day off road.

Recaro are the leaders in aftermarket seating with their products being mainstays for luxury cars, motorsport vehicles and even stadium seating. Their dedication to ergonomics, safety and design is applied to every seat in the range.

For the 4WDer, Recaro delivers a range of aftermarket seats specifically designed for off road vehicles.

German made from premium components and designed to endure Australia’s harsh conditions, you can rely on Recaro seats to deliver the ultimate in comfort and support on the roughest of tracks for years to come.

Specialist Series

The Specialist Series backrest offers the smallest side bolsters of the Recaro range, giving subtle support to the body, primarily around the waist area. With three different seat cushions available, the Recaro Specialist Series can be adapted to your physical stature and adjusted to your specific needs. The backrest is adjustable by dual handwheels, reclines flat and includes a dual tilt forward function for ease of access to the back of two door vehicles.

Expert Series

Concentrating support around the ribs, the Expert Series has been designed with adjustable side bolsters to allow flexibility in the amount of support provided. With up to 60mm of adjustability in the side bolsters, the Expert Series seats can be adapted to suit differing body shapes and comfort preferences.

Cross Speed Series

The Cross Speed Series features a sportier look, with great support from the shoulders down to the hips, making it ideal for long distance and rough terrain touring. The epitome of sporty driving, the Recaro Cross Speed Series is equipped with flat side bolsters on the seat cushion to provide easier access for SUVs or off road vehicles.

Ergomed Series

Offering small side bolsters similar to the specialist series, the Ergomed seats concentrate subtle support to the waist area. Available with integrated side air bags for newer vehicles. The Recaro Ergomed Series is available in two high-quality versions, “E” and “ES”. The range features an adjustable headrest & backrest, and medium sized side bolsters on the seat base for greater thigh support. An extra 50mm of leg extension and a three piece seat cushion with a slight back slope and a softer seat cushion provide an extremely comfortable seat.

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