UHF Radios and GPS

Whether you are planning a trip into the Australian outback, towing a caravan on the black top or a weekend 4WD adventurer, then a UHF Radio is an essential communications tool to have. A well set-up UHF radio is a great accessory for your 4WD vehicle and enables you to contact others in your group or convoy, other road & track users, truck drivers and possibly someone who could come to your aid in the event of a breakdown or emergency, especially in remote regions with no mobile coverage.

Similarly, having a dedicated off-road GPS or at the very least an up-to-date and accurate map of where you plan to travel is another essential when heading off-road.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have access to a range of hard-mounted and handheld UHF radios and aerials from GME as well as all of your GPS and navigation accessories from Hema.

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GME UHF CB radios and aerials

GME is a proud Australian-owned company established in 1959 and specialises in the design and manufacturing of radio communication devices and emergency beacons. A reliable communication system is paramount - regardless of whether you are deep in the Outback or on a weekend off road foray. GME manufactures a vast range of quality UHF radios, aerials and accessories to ensure you are always in contact no matter where you are. Combining tough, durable electronics with smart, easy-customisation technology, GME is the leader in radios engineered to survive harsh off road conditions.

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With a keen focus on off-road touring, Hema Maps has steadily built its reputation as masterful map makers in the four-wheel driving and outdoor adventure industries. This reputation has come to the fore thanks to the company's relentless pursuit of accurate cartographic detail relevant to outdoor explorers, realised by its unparalleled updating process.

They have comprehensive Australian and overseas map coverage in a variety of forms including folded maps, atlases, guides and digital products such as mobile apps and dedicated GPS navigation systems.

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