Wheels and Tyres

Fitting the correct tyres to your 4x4 is one of the most important decisions you'll make. A decent set of tyres, specifically suited for off-road driving and touring, are the first non-negotiable item when it comes to aftermarket accessories. Your tyres could leave you high and dry if they are of sub-standard quality or they're not fit-for-purpose.

4x4 tyres can be broken down into categories – Mud Terrain (M/T), All Terrain (A/T) and Highway Terrain (H/T), and there is also Light Truck (L/T) construction – each with its own strengths and compromises, depending on the kind of driving you intend to do.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have access to a range of 4x4 tyres and steel and alloy wheels from a range of leading manufacturers and can offer advice on what wheels and tyres will best suit your needs depending on your vehicle and the type of driving you subject it to.

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