Whether your running up the beach, hitting up your favourite tracks, or are in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Australia, sooner or later, we all get stuck. Fitting a winch to your 4x4 can be the difference between staying stuck or moving forward and is 'cheap' insurance in the event that you're stuck somewhere where the loss of, or significant damage to, your vehicle is a very real possibility. Spending the money on a quality winch will ensure that it will be there when you need it, and whenever that is, you want it to work and work well.

At Albany 4WD & Camping Centre, we have access to the range of winches and accessories from Bushranger, Warn and Smittybilt.

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Bushranger winches

The Bushranger REVO Winch is packed with many features. Including high-quality construction, low current draw, 4 stage oversized gearing with fast line speeds and an advanced proportional friction braking system that will reliably hold 100% of the rated load with no slippage. The zero drag braking system allows for fast no load line speeds, making unspooling the rope a breeze. No more pulling against the friction of traditional winch braking systems uses the power of the winch to do the unspooling for you with no concern of brake drag causing unnecessary wear and heat build-up. A fully sealed motor and gearbox (IP67 rated) gives maximum protection from water, dust and debris. Meaning the winch is ready for anything you can throw at it.

Available with either wire or synthetic rope and with 10,000LB or 12,000LB ratings.

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Warn winches

Go farther. Do more. Challenge yourself. Dig in. Winch out. Rediscover the fun of off-roading. All with the confidence that you can do more than ever before, because you’re backed by reliable WARN® products.

Where do you find high performance that always gets the job done? In the Warn series of 4×4 and truck winches. From the new Zeon Platinum winch with its technological advancements that will have your mates envious to the entry level Evo series which provides an aggressive price on reliability, you’ll be sure to find a Warn winch to suit your budget and off road lifestyle.

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Smittybilt Gen 2 X20 10 Winch

The all new Gen 2 Smittybilt X2O 10 10,000 lb winch has all the muscle and peak performance to keep you moving in just about any situation.

The Gen 2 X2O 10 features series wound amphibious technology, which completely seals the 6.6hp series wound motor as well as the three stage planetary gear system. The winch also features an oversized, completely waterproof, state of the art 500-AMP solenoid that has the versatility to be mounted over the winch motor or winch cable.

With 28m of synthetic rope as standard, outstanding performance, a 218:1 gear ratio that delivers lightning fast speed and the backing of a limited lifetime warranty, you can count on the Gen 2 X2O 10 to extract you from the stickiest of situations.

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